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Choosing the Perfect Design for Your Dream House

Alexandra Crawford

The feeling you get when you have finally decided to build a new home for you and your family is quite overwhelming and satisfying. A place that you can go home to, sit back and relax, bond with other family members is what you can picture out when you think about having your own house. But before you settle down and build one, you also have to think of the type of house & land you want to have and the design that can fit your budget and style. This can also be stressful because you have to go over display homes and real estate agents that can provide you with a house and land, but it’s not easy as you think it is. If you want to have a house and land that is perfectly designed for you, you should contact a home builder.

The Advantages of Having a Home Builder to Create the Perfect Home

Consulting a home builder is a good start before you build a house. They listen to your needs and adjust to your budget. Here’s a list of advantages why you need to hire a home builder to create your dream house:

1.      Custom design for your dream house.

From the word itself, a home builder is someone who builds your house. They provide you with a house & land that can fit into your budget and give you the design that you want. You simply need to tell them the things you want to add to your home, and they will be glad to polish it for you. Packages are also available when you start consulting a home builder, and you can check out Jordan Springs house and land packages to find out more.

2.      You get exactly what you want.

This is the advantage for homeowners because they get the most for their money. No need to pay for certain aspects of a property like extra room and unused spaces. Home builders will only provide you with what you need in a house. Check Oran park house and land to find the perfect home for you.

3.      You are sure to get quality service from their expertise.

The home builder’s job is to interpret your needs and come up with a plan for construction in home designs. They are also able to guide you with the building application process and recommend you to the best contractors. They’re basically an all-in-one package.

4.      You’ll save time.

In finding a ready-to-move-in house, you’ll be spending days or even weeks to find the perfect house for you. You’ll even have to wait after the bidding has finished. But if you have a home builder, you’ll know when your home is expected to be finished.

5.      You’ll have a quality home.

Your home builder has enough building experience to create a perfect home for you. They will bring your vision to life and meet your expectations. Having a home builder means that you will have them until your house is finished. You’ll have plenty of time to talk about what you want and don’t want in the house & land and they’ll make sure it is made out of quality. Check out Eden Brae Homes

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Shopping for a New Home? 4 Points to Consider

Alexandra Crawford

A new house offers several advantages, but also comes with its challenges. Before you rush to seal the deal on that new house for sale, here are important tips you can follow to help you avoid potential pitfalls.

Getting what you want

For many new homebuyers, finding what they want is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Each person has varying tastes and preferences. It then means that in order to get it your way, you must get involved from the planning stage. This way, you can liaise with your architect to bring out the open-floor plan or the state-of-the-art kitchen you have always wanted. Besides, you can have the opportunity to use the materials of your choice, even if it means additional work on your side.

In Sydney and Newcastle, you can consult reliable new homebuilders such as Eden Brae Homes. Alternatively, you can find out whether they have a new house for sale, which is important if you have a tight deadline to beat.

new house for saleKnowing what you’re getting

Homebuilders often have model homes, which buyers can tour to have a glimpse of their actual homes. Model homes often come with upgraded sporty features such as granite countertops and state-of-the-art appliances. However, when a buyer finally gets the actual house, there might be a difference in the features. It is advisable that as you take the tour, be sure to ask as many questions as possible so you can have a clear idea of what you’re getting.

Consider warranty

If you choose to buy a second-hand home, you might get only a few guarantees. It is important to scoop as many details as possible before you seal the deal on a used home. For the buyer of a new home, you can expect a warranty, which is an important assurance should anything go wrong with the property. However, warranties often cover only materials and workmanship: warped floor, faulty or improperly installed hot water tank, or a leaking roof. In such cases, the builder is responsible for the expenses required to fix the problems.

It is also important to understand that warranties can vary from one seller to another. They can cover as little as one year and as long as ten or fifteen years. It is advisable to find out with your seller about the details of the warranty before buying. In Australia, you can consult double storey home builders for a new house for sale. You can also inquire about land and house packages in the area.

Consider inspection

Prior to occupying the new house, you need to carry out both general and specialized inspection. A cracked foundation or a caving roof could be too expensive to repair after occupying the house. Your preferred inspector can assess the quality of work and materials and eventually offer further recommendations. The inspection, in the end, reveals whether the builder used genuine materials or fake ones and whether the appliances were installed properly. When discovered early, it easier and cheaper to fix the mistakes than when you wait until they reach unmanageable levels.

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