Some Common Office Fit Out Mistakes to Avoid

Office fit outs don’t always go smoothly. There are some common mistakes that are likely to hinder your fit out plans considerably or which may end up costing you a lot more. However, there are ways in which you could squeeze in the cost savings when it comes to professional office fit outs. By hiring professionals such as Mulberry Group -, you could end up having a fairly successful fit projects that will meet your needs. Here are some of the main pitfalls that you are likely to face with your office fit outs:

Failing to Budget Accordingly

Successful office fit outs require very accurate budgeting. Even an experienced manager is likely to get the fit out budgeting wrong if they fail to plan early and accordingly. Whenever you don’t put a lid on the costs when it comes to office fit outs, you are likely to face a disaster during the project as the costs hit through the roof. Take the time to plan out the budget early on and also discuss with professional shop fitting and carpentry professionals such as the Mulberry Group –

Not all contractors are the same

When you are planning professional carpentry work or office fit out projects, you need to understand that there are contractors specializing in different areas and various kinds of projects. You can make arrangements for initial meetings so as to determine which fit out contractors will suit your needs the best. There are various important issues to keep in mind when you are planning office or shop fit outs:

·         Look at the history of the contractor and whether they have done similar projects in the past

·         Look at their project portfolio

·         Look at the fitout or carpentry services’ breadth of expertise

·         Determine if the service that you are contracting will offer you a good balance between the costing, timeframe as well as the scope of the work that the contractor is promising to do.

·         You could even look at sustainability issues if they are part of your business ethos

Know about the house rules

The landlord or the building management company is likely to have certain regulations or restrictions regarding the modification of their buildings. Before you move in into an office complex, you need to read the fine print and also be clear with the landlord regarding the kind of modifications that you are planning to make. Some building management companies even place restrictions on the kinds of materials that can be carried in the lifts. Things like building materials could be restricted.

Failing to have sufficient power points

Don’t focus too much on the aesthetics and the furniture installations that you forget about some basic functions such as the inclusion of power points in the building. Proper planning with a professional office fit out company such as Mulberry Group – can help you forestall some of these problems.

Failing to hire a professional

Professional fit out work requires professional hands. Don’t attempt to complete the project without the helping hands of an outside project manager that can help you put everything together in an efficient and professional manner. A good and efficient professional such as Mulberry Group – will help you in achieving optimal productivity with office fit outs and also ensure that the process proceeds smoothly without any hiccups.

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