The World of Bathroom Basins

Bathrooms are no longer considered as just another ordinary part of the house. With the changing trends in the home décor industry, bathrooms have evolved to represent a luxurious sense of style. Gone are the days when the style of a bathroom was dependent on the colour of the tiles it had. Bathroom accessories have now turned into a work of art, and no bathroom is complete without them. The most important accessory in a bathroom is, however, a basin. And you now have the option to choose from the varied collection of stylish bathroom basins Perth companies provide.

Most stylish tapware and accessories have elegant yet functional designs, and complement the interior of any bathroom style. Since there is a wide range of basins available in the market, there is no such thing as the wrong basin. You will always have the option of choosing a basin that suits your interior the best.

There are usually three types of bathroom basins Perth. These include:

  1. Counter-top: This type of basin is compact and is perfect for bathrooms with small spaces. A counter-top basin adds an element of luxury to any bathroom. A large counter-top with a small basin can provide storage space for bathroom products. A small counter-top with a small basin will solve space issues, if any.
  1. Wall hung: Irrespective of the bathroom size, the wall hung basins are in increasing demand. Besides catering to space issues, this basin can be placed however high or low, according to the height of all the members of your family. The best feature of a wall hung basin is that it can be cleaned easily.
  1. Pedestal: If you are looking for a basin that can be installed easily, then the pedestal basin is perfect for you. These basins come in a number of shapes to match the size of your bathroom.

Some of the other types of bathroom basins Perth has are recessed bathroom basins, and vessel sinks. Recessed bathroom basins are the ones that can fit under a counter. These are usually made of ceramic and fitted inside a wooden or marble top to add elegance to the interior of your bathroom. They are available in many shapes—from square to round—to match your needs and requirements.

Another way to categorise bathroom basins is on the basis of the material that they are made of. These include:

  1. Stone basins: Stone basins refer to the basins that are built of marble, quartz, or stone. These basins have better quality and add a natural look to a bathroom. These are often mixed with wood to complement the design of a bathroom.
  2. Metal basins: These basins are the ones that have been created using copper or bronze. They add an antique look to your bathroom, and the natural bronze and copper colour can be enhanced with white marble.

If you are looking for modish and contemporary bathroom basins in and around Australia, then Tuck Plumbing Fixtures in Osborne Park is the best choice for you. They offer an exquisite collection of under counter, above counter, wall-hung, semi recessed, and inset bathroom basins that can add charm and comfort to your bathroom. With their reliable and quality products, you have a new name for bathroom supplies – Tuck Plumbing Fixtures.

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