An Overview of Acrylic Rendering

For the best quality exterior finishes that are not only attractive but also highly durable, an acrylic render Brisbane by Quickwall would be really ideal for you. Acrylic rendering is a great innovation that will greatly improve the look of your walls. If you are unfamiliar with acrylic render applications, here is a low-down of what you need to know:

About Acrylic Render

This is a type of render which makes use if acrylic, a mixture that also includes plastic. Acrylic render Brisbane by Quickwall will give you a final product that is more flexible, stronger and also more durable compared to the more traditional mixes commonly used in the walls. When used on your walls, it is unlikely to crack easily which will thus offer a more flawless and long-lasting finish. The other advantage is its ease of application. Acrylic render can easily be rolled, sprayed on the wall surface or even trowelled. It comes in a variety of colours that homeowners can choose from and generally involves the application of two courts.

Advantages of Acrylic render Brisbane by Quickwall

The biggest advantage with acrylic rendering is that there is much less likelihood of it cracking over time because the material mixture is highly flexible. Even with the natural expansion as well as the contraction of the wall, the material is unlikely to crack and you do not have to worry about your walls having any unsightly cracks that will spoil the look. You are going to have a smooth finish throughout the render application.

The other main advantage is its attractiveness. The material mixture can be applied in a host of ways and which can create very decorative effects on your home. It is possible to create an ultra-smooth finish similar to that of concrete or opt for one that is textured in an attractive way. The versatility of this rendering material means that it can also be applied on a vast array of substrates such as timber, concrete, cement or even on walls which have been painted.   This is a huge advantage over the traditional render techniques which generally do not stick on these kinds of surfaces.

Unlike cement render, acrylic render also dries incredibly fast. It will cure very fast within a few days of application. The traditional render typically takes up to one month in order to cure. Once applied on the surface, it does not entirely block the material underneath. It gives it some “breathing space” and the effect is that you will have a home that is both dryer and healthier to live in. The water resistant nature of acrylic render means that you do not have to worry about the effects of dampness such as mould on the walls.

To get the best results, make sure that you hire the right professionals for the job with experience in acrylic render applications.  Compare rates and costs and see where you are likely to get very good value for money. Acrylic render Brisbane by Quickwall generally delivers an incredible service at very reasonable rates.

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