Advantages of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Are there any specific benefits to be had through the installation of frameless glass pool fencing Brisbane has? According to data by Australian safety authorities, kids are particularly susceptible to injuries and even fatalities from pools that are not well-secured. That is why special effort must be undertaken in order to ensure that the poolside area is safe at all times.

When constructing swimming pools in Brisbane, homeowners need to ensure that every aspect of the safety procedures is well-taken care of. Traditionally, the materials which are most commonly used in the construction of swimming pool fencing are steel and wood. However, increasingly, there is a strong trend towards frameless glass pool fencing Brisbane offers. This is because this kind of pool fencing installation provides homeowners with plenty of advantages.

The most obvious advantage of the frameless glass pool fencing Brisbane offers is that it is an aesthetically pleasing option. However, apart from the obvious visual appeal of these swimming pools, they are also safer than the other opaque fences used in fencing swimming pools.

Firstly, like other traditional pool fencing materials, glass fencing materials will simply keep kids from getting into the pools by acting as effective barriers.  You don’t have to supervise the pool in order to ensure that no one is getting through.

In the frameless glass pool fencing option in Brisbane, there aren’t many gaps or even edges on the fencing material. Thus, there is low risk of kids getting hurt or even getting stuck in the gaps of the pool fencing. This kind of pool fencing can also be made to order and thus, it is possible to find glass pool fencing that fits all kinds of sizes and shapes. The pool fencing can be customised in order to suit any shape and size.

Frameless Glass is Tough

The material used in frameless glass fencing in Brisbane has been built from a custom-manufactured glass. This kind of toughened glass material is also very durable with thickness generally ranging from 8mm to 10mm and 12mm. It is, therefore, going to last for a very long duration of time without impeding the visual excellence of the swimming pool.

Additionally, the frameless glass pool fencing is a lot easier to maintain when compared to other pool materials such as metal, iron or even the use of chain links. Certain materials such as metallic fencing will rust with time while wood will rot or get infested with fungus. Such infestation is likely to also infect the pool making it unhealthy for everyone. With frameless glass pool installation, you don’t have to worry about that.

When you use frameless glass pool fencing, there is zero danger of infection or even the contamination of the pool water. Additionally, glass is fairly easy to clean and also maintain unlike other traditional pool fencing materials. You don’t have to worry about repainting your glass pool fencing or even applying a water or rust-repellant in order to keep them in tip-top shape.

Frameless glass pool fencing can also blend beautifully with the surroundings in which you have built your swimming pool. Your swimming pool will, therefore, not look out of place when you install frameless glass pool fencing.

Those are some of the advantages that you get when you install frameless glass pool fencing Brisbane providers can offer. Make sure you choose a qualified and highly experienced contractor for the job that can help you get the best results with excellent quality workmanship.

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