Why Equipment Designers Consider Engineering Plastic Products a Lasting Solution

Plastics have become crucial products in different application aspects in the modern world. Indeed, plastics come in different types with different properties. Depending on the type of application you intend to have, you can choose plastic products such as consumer made plastics or engineering plastics. These plastics have become popular in numerous applications due to their great properties such as mechanical strength, heat resistance fire safety and chemical stability among others. If for instance, operating a food processing industry, you should consider using engineering plastic products for the following reasons:

These PlasticPproducts are Non-Abrasive

This means you can comfortably use these products in different mating plastic or metal surfaces without wearing out. On the other hand, it is impossible for these plastics to wear or cause damage to the metal parts on which they are being used. According to most engineers, these plastic products do not easily slough contaminating dust, particles or slivers during the application process as it normally happens with interfaces of metal to metal. Moreover, you can lubricate these plastics internally using lubricants that comply with FDA requirements, hence reducing maintenance cost and time it would take you if you use external lubricants such as oils and greases.

They Resist Corrosion and Chemical Oxidation

You should not consider using costly exotic metals to prevent your food processors from a collision when you can easily access these plastics. The chemical resistance that these plastics offer is outstanding. With the increased bacterial contamination in the food industry today, it is important to invest in the right plastics especially if you have integrated Clean-In-Place operations in your food processing machines. These plastics highly resist stains, cracking, expansion and chalking, which other ordinary plastics are unable to resist.

They Offer Quality Electrical Isolation

Most metal parts will not be able to isolate electric energy as these plastics would do. Plastic products such as Vespel would perform well even in continuous temperatures of about 550 degrees F or higher with excursions. Even if you are installing bearing applications that have higher demands, these plastics will operate without lubrication. Actually, it is a daunting task to lubricate metal parts in bearing applications. Any safety director or innovative polymers compounder in the manufacturing facility finds these plastics a top priority because of their ability to reduce or dampen noise. Check out S&E Specialty Polymers for more details.

They Offer Excellent Strength and Reduce Overall Weight as Well

Normally, moving parts with lighter weight require less energy to move because this makes it easy to rationalize hydraulics and other related materials. Once you integrate these plastics in your processing machines, you improve power consumption, accuracy, speed, increases productivity and reduce operational costs by a reasonable margin. The engineering plastic products also reduce the weight of machines and this significantly reduces shipping cost. In addition, mobile machines with these plastics are safer and easier to lift and move.

They are Easily Fabricated

It is easy to fabricate these engineering plastic polymers in any way and cause no wear on the tooling of the machinist. Again, you would find it cost effective to weld or cut the plastics into different sizes, something you may not easily achieve with other stainless steel and exotic metals.

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