No more back pain using Vacuum Lifting Equipment

In an assembly line or in a warehouse there will be a lot of repetitive operations that will have to be undertaken. Items may be heavy, or difficult to handle. Conventional hoists on cranes could take quite a bit of setting up, if say a sack has to be lifted. Sacks can be heavy, and awkward to handle if they contain anything irregular. It may take more than one person to lift and position a sack using a standard crane hoist system. Repeated operations, lifting heavy sacks may lead to back injuries as well as accidents. All of this is probably time consuming with the added problem of possible damage to the contents of a sack, if these contents are fragile. There is a solution. The sack vacuum lifters can move items, such as a sack, a lot more efficiently than previous lifting systems.

JumboFlex Vacuum Tube Lifter.

Therefore, sack vacuum lifters use a very straightforward idea. It is exactly the same as a vacuum cleaner or an elephant’s trunk, hence “JumboFlex”. Air is sucked out of a tube. This can lock onto any item that needs to be lifted . There is no other need for setting up. Special suction pads can be added to the vacuum lifters to aid in this process.


A sack can be moved using one person and a single hand. Lifting a heavy sack could have taken two people to move it previously. Constantly bending over and lifting these heavy objects could cause lower back problems. This can now be eliminated. If this system is used in conjunction with an individual slewing crane or a larger gantry crane then this can create an efficient over all system. The single handed operation is also very ergonomic. Accidents and injuries will be kept to a minimum. There should be a speeding up on any assembly line, along with loading and unloading in a warehouse, but with a lot less stress to those operating the sack vacuum lifters.

Materials that can be Lifted.

Therefore, vacuum lifting equipment Australia companies provide are able to provide versatile lifting systems. This is a sample of the different materials that can be lifted, depending upon the vacuum system used.

  • Jumbo ergo: For lifting drums up to 50Kg, sacks up to 65Kg, lifting cartoons or boxes up to 50Kg, porous boards (MDF etc) up to 300Kg, and non porous and laminated boards up to 300Kg.
  • VacuMaster Vario: For lifting non porous and laminated boards up to 2000 Kg and lifting slabs, stone, glass and sheet steel up to 2000Kg. Check out Millsom Materials Handling

Hoisting Equipment

Vacuum lifters can cover a wide range of applications, but there could still be the need for specialized hoisting equipment, in particular using the chain hoist. Looking specifically at the SWF Kranetechnik Electrical Chain Hoist. This chain hoist has a variable speed control. This helps to reduce swaying and gives more precision when handling loads. This system has an emergency cut off. Radio control systems can also be added as an extra option. The load chain can also use stainless steel if required. Weights that can be lifted range from 125Kg to 5000Kg depending upon the model which is ordered.

For more information on the available lifting systems and cranes please go to this web site:

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